Student Activity Unit

Student Activity Unit (SAU): Enriching Students’ Experience

Apart from focusing on academic education in universities, students also have the opportunity to develop themselves through non-academic activities. Student Activity Unit (SAU), often referred to as Student Activity Units (UKM), provides a platform for students to engage in activities according to their interests and talents.

SAU offers a variety of options, ranging from sports, arts, religious activities, and scientific reasoning to the development of special interests and talents. Participation in SAU can provide students with various professional benefits, such as:

  • Enhancement of Hard Skills and Soft Skills: Through training programs, workshops, and internal activities, SAU equips students with skills relevant to their chosen field. These skills include leadership, team management, effective communication, and problem-solving.
  • Networking Development: SAU serves as a platform to meet other students with similar interests. The networks built here can be valuable assets in the future, both in the professional world and in career development.
  • Real Work Experience: Many SAUs organize activities that involve community service or competitions. This experience is valuable for training students to apply the knowledge gained in their studies and for building leadership and social responsibility.

Active participation in SAU enriches students’ college experiences and gives them a competitive advantage in the job market. SAU demonstrates students’ initiative, organizational skills, and spirit to continue learning and developing beyond academic fields.