Department of Mathematics

Profile  of the Department of Mathematics


To be an excellent higher institute, independent and with dignity to develop professional activities for the prosperity of the people.


The mission of the Institute of Cristal is to:

Provide and share science and technology through the relationship between education and research to prepare and assist the development of human resources, which are important and strategic factors in the development of Timor-Leste’s sustainability.

Other specific activities to carry out the learning process, scientific research, community service at the tertiary level in the fields of education and health sciences, and professional training in science and technology based on international standards, assist trainees in obtaining the quality of qualifications and professions.


The objective of the department is to:

  1. Have extensive knowledge in the field of mathematics, both of theory and practice;
  2. To produce professional teachers who are able to master teaching skills and have the skill to use mathematics laboratory tools;
  3. Be able to produce the module for mathematics teaching and learning process;
  4. Be able to master the curricular substance, manage educational learning, be virtuous, and develop personalities and professionals in their fields;
  5. To produce creative graduates who can develop basic mathematics concepts with a simple formula.

Department of Department of Mathematics

Lecturers of the Department of Mathematics



Semester I

  1.  Portugues Language I
  2. Tetun Lenguas I
  3. Religion
  4. RDTL Constitution and Citizenship
  5. General Biology
  6. Basic Mathematics
  7. Geometry

Semester II

  1. Portuguese Language II
  2. Tetun Language II
  3. English II
  4. Don Bosco’s Preventive System
  5. Guidance and Counseling
  6. Basic Chemistry
  7. Basic Physics
  8. History of Mathematics

Semester III

  1. Sociology of Education
  2. Introduction to Pedagogy
  3. Algebra
  4. Computational Mathematics
  5. Numerical Calculus
  6. Mathematical Logic
  7. Introduction to Arithmetic and Algebra

Semester IV

  1. Teaching Strategy
  2. Basic Statistics
  3. School Management and Administration
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Teaching Evaluation
  6. Combinatorial Calculus
  7. Educational Psychology

Semester V

  1. Plane and Space Analytic Geometry
  2. Vector Calculus
  3. Linear Program
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Transformative Geometry
  6. Financial Mathematics

Semester VI

  1. Business Education
  2. Curriculum Studies
  3. Computer Technology and Communication
  4. Mathematics Statistics
  5. Deferential Equations
  6. Deferential and Integral Calculus

Semester VII

  1. Teaching Micro
  2. Seminar
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Mathematics Laboratory
  5. Topology
  6. Free Choice

Semester VIII

  1. Pedagogical Internship
  2. Monograph